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The following items are needed for the pre-approval process:

  1. Last 30 Days Pay Stubs (1 if paid monthly, 2 if paid semi-monthly, 4 if paid weekly)
  2. Most recent 2 years of W2 forms for all employers listed on the loan application.
  3. Last 2 Years Complete Tax Returns if you are self-employed and/or have rental property on a Schedule E. Please provide both personal and business.
  4. Last 2 Months Bank Statements and Retirement Statements (All Pages) even if the last one is blank. (I don’t make the rules, I just play the game)
  5. Legible Copy of Driver's License or other form of Identification.

For VA loans, the following is needed for the pre-approval process:

  1. Copy of your DD-214 or Reserve/Guard points statements
  2. Please note we will pull your COE, Certificate of Eligibility for you.
  3. For a VA loan refinance, please include a copy of the Note from your previous mortgage.

Additional Information (if applicable):

  • Provide proof of any large deposits appearing on Bank Statements …
  • Copy of Earnest Money Check and corresponding Bank Statement …
  • Copy of current Mortgage Statement, Insurance Policy and Tax statement on all properties owned …
  • Signed and recorded copy of Divorce Decree, Child Support Order and Spousal Maintenance orders …
  • Complete Bankruptcy papers (full discharged) if less than 7 years ago …
  • Lender originated “Gift Letter” and a complete paper-trail for the gifted money …

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